What We Offer

With every client, Cobra Itech does the job with utmost professionalism.

Business Process Analysis and Design

Cobra Itech’s Business process analysis helps to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of a process. Our team can assess how well the process achieves its end goal.

Management Consulting

Cobra Itech’s Management consulting helps organizations to improve their performance. Our company is responsible to provide objective advice and expertise and help an organization to develop any specialist skills that it may be lacking.

ICT Consulting

Leveraging the potential of ICT to empower business, We, in Cobra Itech, provide advice on the design, structure, and efficiency of ICT systems in organizations or on specific projects. We make recommendations for the development and implementation of a business project and can contribute to project definitions.

Six Sigma / Quality Management Systems Consulting

In Cobra Itech, We provide a broad range of advisory services, support, and technical talent to help an organization achieve successful project outcomes in quality initiatives related to compliance, certification with quality standards, quality management systems software, training, and more. Our team aims to help how to analyze and to improve Key Business Processes and help implement Benchmarking to determine the effectiveness of processes, systems, and structures.

ERP and Business Solutions

Cobra Itech paves the way for improved business management and this is where ERP comes into play. Here at Cobra Itech, we manage and integrate the important parts of your business. Our team will help the businesses to implement resource planning by integrating all of the processes needed to run their companies with a single system.

Change Management Consulting

We simplify the redirection of resources, budgets, and other aspects of business operations and help make the reshaping of an organization a smooth process for all teams and individuals that are involved. As a team, we also acknowledge the areas where there is a need for change and assess how this will affect the organization.

Project and Program Management Consulting

At Cobra Itech, our Project and Program Management consultancy can handle the projects of an organization to ensure that they are in line with the stated goals of their organization. We provide quality control for the organization's programs through methods such as handling the budgets, staff, activities, and intended final products.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance Consulting

Here at Cobra Itech, we enable to build consistent quality assurance strategies and ensure software products are secure and reliable. We also evaluate processes of communication, testing, customer service, and accountability for efficiency and effectiveness to enhance, optimize, and improve performance.